Building on-demand networks together

Transform operational practices with automated workflows and develop connected applications for on-demand networks using APIs and SDK from Nokia’s IP and optical products.

Network Services Platform

在线免费观看Develop and integrate OSS applications for your IP/MPLS network.

IP routing

在线免费观看Program Nokia routers and automate your IP network.

在线免费观看Optical networking

Build API applications faster for your optical network.

  • Hey Google, how easy is it to use and program Nokia’s NSP?

  • Programmable network APIs

  • 在线免费观看Nokia IP routing demo room highlights at SReXperts EMEA 2019

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Discover our products

Explore our IP and Optical products and find out capabilities that can help you build on-demand networks which are more responsive to changing demands.

Network Services Platform

Management and control of IP and optical networks


Service Router Operating System


Applications for optical networks evolution

在线免费观看Learn with our tutorials

在线免费观看Quickly get up to speed on programmability with our use-case-based tutorials providing a collection of feature-rich introductory examples that span key functional areas of our products.

在线免费观看Explore our resources

Our collection of in-depth API documentation, reference, tools and code snippets will help you efficiently program and automate your network, quickly develop connected applications and easily integrate with operations support systems.

Access our virtual labs

在线免费观看Gain quick access to our lab environments for developing and testing applications as well as trying and demonstrating the products. Create your own lab that meet your development needs.

在线免费观看Get started and join a world class community of innovators and network enablers

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